Who We are

Transafrica interlink company ltd is a competitive and professional outdoor living care company that enhances comfortable and safe environment and space for outdoor activities for families, necessary serene and tranquil outdoor areas for business operations. Our quality services are premised on timely delivery and within reasonable budget. 

What We do

Design and Building Landscapes

We professionally design, build and maintain landscapes for Government institutions, county offices, corporate offices, residential houses, golf courses, airports, schools, hospitals, hotels, churches, mosques, banks, malls Roadside/roundabouts, manufacturing facilities and many more. We create focal points or as we like to put it at Transafrica, “we design first impression focal points.” Transafrica wants to ensure that your property reflects your success and eye for detail to your potential clients; After all you only get one first impression. At its best it directs visually and makes you feel surprised, moved or engaged, moving through the garden experience. Our service quality is guaranteed by our high personal excellence and the need for a quality obligation. We pride ourselves in utilising the best equipment and trained personnel for quality assurance. We have tailored our packages to mainly corporate, ornamental and residential landscapes.

Lawn Maintenance

Transafrica landscaping offers affordable lawn care at highly competitive price. This is done in a timely manner and with no compromises to quality standards. Many property owners forget to maintain regular schedule for maintenance, which in-turn leads to heavy maintenance afterwards and loss of value in property. We are going to make the maintenance journey as affordable and meaningful as your success. Our packages include regular mowing, mulching, edging and light clean-up to complete care that includes weed removal, leaf and debris clean up, bush trimming and tree pruning.

Our Products

Automatic Water Sprinkling Systems

Our company has partnered with leading sprinkler manufacturers so that we only use the best systems. By doing this we ensure that the customers get the best products the first time at very affordable prices. We are in the forefront of installing efficient water saving systems. They are automatically operated, reduce labor cost over time, and reduce water wastage, even sprinkling of water to avoid dry patches that is inherent to manual watering. This in turn leads to lower cost of maintenance.

Outdoor and Garden Lighting

When night falls, that does not have to be the end of making the first impression. In fact, this is the only other time that your property gets a second chance at first impression again. Many property owners spend thousands of dollars on beautiful landscapes and only enjoy that investment during the day. We at Transafrica interlink install functional outdoor lights for safety, security, comfort, ambience/theatre and access. A well-lit landscape presents a feeling of security and maintenance. It also elicits a feeling of care and involvement, this discourages trespassing and theft. We will be offering various types of functional garden lights

Interior Plantscaping

Plants Exhibit a great feeling of connection with nature and coolness of space and hence have been a great part of modern interior design. Our firm seeks to demonstrate and redefine the value of plants as more than just outdoor landscaping elements. We illustrate plants as living sculptures by carefully planning for them within d interior spaces by playing around with color, texture and various physiological characteristics of plants to create different experiences

Vision Statement

To be the most competitive landscaping enterprise in Africa.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work closely with our clients and offering them our unwavering commitment in designing, installing and maintaining the highest quality landscapes that provide complete satisfaction and a comfortable escape from the hectic everyday life. Transafrica is where the team dares to try new things-where the team feels assured that only the limits of their creativity and drive, their own standards of personal excellence, will be the ceiling on how fast and how far they move.

Core Values


We design and install quality spaces that suite our client needs ensuring quality experience and space utilization.

Our designs uphold utmost quality of utility. Above all, we endeavor to deliver designs that serve their intended purpose and respond to users demand. 

Cost Effective

 Our goal is to provide state of the art services at pocket friendly rates to suite various clients demands and therefore keep our clients coming back!

While we explore various designs to give the best to our esteemed clients our goal is to creatively promote ideas and alternatives that ensure value for money and efficient use of resources.


 We translate our client’s ideas and needs into designs that uphold sensory value and therefore create more interest and experience.

We, as designers and users of space know the satisfaction that a good space offers. We therefore, work towards providing spaces that provide all round aesthetically appeal. 


Rooted in the staff ethics and code of conduct, integrity has been extended in how we interact with our clients, how we take up and implement design projects.

Our company upholds high standards of professionalism in the way we relate to our customers and in the office and therefore seek to be true to our word in matters of delivery and in our quality of works.