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Vases in the making

New vases!!! Naaaaaah…….you do not need them anymore. You can create some on your own.


Colored pencils/Sabbath sticks                              sticks

Row of colorful pencils

A container/tin/glass







Water, vinegar,sugar and some flowers

How to do it

Take a tin/container/glass.

Bind the pencils/Sabbath sticks together against the container and tie using thread/rubber band/ribbon as shown below.


Pour into the container water. Add vinegar and sugar to ensure healthy, growing and blooming flowers for years!

Sugar keeps flowers fresh and removes nasty odors.

Finally you have your homemade vases!!

546110_10100144491994076_39502801_39018272_423053191_nColored-Pencil-deorations-for-a-back-to-school-partytwig vase 3


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Redefine your vases collection!

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