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DIY PLANTERS: Turn old tyres into planters

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Do you have some old tyres laying around. Why don’t you turn them to beautiful planters that you can actually use for your back-yard or front-yard. Simple do-it-yourself project.


  1. Small tyres
  2. Large tyres
  3. Chalk
  4. Utility knife
  5. Spray paint
  6. Soil and manure
  7. Plants/flowers

How to do it

Using the large tyres and a piece of chalk, draw cutting lines on the tyres. This will depend on the design you would like to create. In this case, we drew star-shaped lines.


Cut the Tyre being guided by the cutting-lines you have drawn. Use a utility knife.




The next step is the fun bit of this project. Paint paint painting! 🙂

Use a splash paint of your choice.


And start painting both the small and large tyres. Note: the small tyres come in at this level. Use colors of your choice. You could actually flip the Tyre inside out to create more space for your plants.

After they are dry, place them at the place of your choice- backyard or front-yard. Add soil and manure and plant flowers or plants of your choice.

The results could appear as below…………….

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Redefine your yard!



Disclaimer: Thank you google for the photos

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