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Redefining Mau Forest


Enough with shying off this issue. The extinction of Mau Forest spells doom for Kenya. The question you should ask yourself is what have you done or are you doing to save our trees? Trees are green gold. Transafrica has an environmental policy that basically stipulates no cutting trees in our line of duty. Trees for Peace Walk is giving us a chance to rewrite history in matters of environment and peace. An event put together by peace Ambassadors integrated Organization whose core mandate is to champion for peace. A chance to paint it green.

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Mau Forest has been turned to Mau Apartments and the main water catchment area is under threat. We can not always wait for the Government to save the day. We, the youths, have now a chance to make peace with nature. Create, care and conserve Mau Forest. Kenyans including youths have a role to play in conserving our environment. Some of the conservation activities that can be implemented include reafforestation, involving the community in tree planting, educating and training the community on the importance of trees, implement sensitization and awareness programs, re-use paper, re-cycle paper, go paperless, use renewable energy, and support forest conservation work: Support trees4PeaceWalk: A 10Km Walk to plant over 1000 seedlings with the community in Mau.

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There is a chance for rebirth of Mau.The community need to keep away loggers. Let us do it for mother nature. An opportunity for all of us to show our love for the environment. Give yourself a challenge today to join in the walk and plant at least 10 trees. Mau is about trees.

Save the trees, save the Earth. We are the guardians of nature’s birth. Trees- the lungs of the world.


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